Saturday, August 27, 2005

Deer, deer everywhere!

We saw this little deer yesterday in our backyard eating apples that had fallen under the apple tree you see in the foreground. We watched it for awhile and then he turned and went back toward the ditch... and the cornfield in the background. I have another picture of this little fellow on the Tittabawassee River Voice blog.

Today we saw three deer running in our woods as we drove on the two-track to the cottage! They were three different sizes, can you believe that? Don't think I would have been able to catch them even if I'd had the camera ready.

We also have at least one frog in the little pond Frank built in the garden this year. A second one showed up a couple of days ago so I had to take pictures (also shown at TRVoice blog). For a little while I thought we might end up with tadpoles next spring but Frank told me there was only one frog there today. Ah well, I suppose they were probably both little bullfrogs!