Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today is Father's Day 2009

i've had the pleasure of loving three fathers...
  • My genetic father lived with us - off and on - for the first 10-12 years of my life. i remember lots of bad stuff, all relayed to me by my mother. i remember a few good things, from my very own memory. i remember sitting on his lap... he called me 'daddy's little girl'. i remember not seeing him after he and mom divorced. i remember mom didn't want him to come around or see his children. There were four of us. i remember he phoned me when i graduated high school. He wanted to see me. i said no. i visited him once after that, when his sister, my Aunt Fleda told me he was sick. i went to his funeral. My brother and two sisters went with me when they heard about it.
  • My dad was my step-father. He did not adopt us and i always called him Tony. Now that he is dead my sibs all call him 'dad' but i don't know if they did when he was alive. i remember Tony as a good father who made sure i behaved myself. i think he loved me. i remember after Tony had several strokes my mom complained about his bad habits. Did she not understand why he had those bad habits? i remember he died in a nursing home. We all went to his funeral.
  • My husband was the father of my six children. i loved him then. i love him now even though he is no longer with us in this life.
  • Oh! i forgot! There are four more fathers that have been in my life for many years now. These are the fathers of my six grandchildren. Yeah... i love them too.
  • ...and now there is a special new father in my life. He is the father of my first great-grandchild, Logan James, who was just born last week! I love him too.

Last night i dreamed about my genetic father. You don't need to know the details. It was not a bad dream. It reminded me that i really had a 'real' father.

God bless all the fathers in my life. I love you one and all!