Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Don't Bundle Me...

Funny how one thinks when young, in love, and married... emphasize married. I don't think it was just that though; it was also the era of 'The Brady Bunch' and 'Father Knows Best.'

In 1955, when Frank and i married, there were men's jobs and there were women's jobs.... well, sort of. There were exceptions like my mom, who chose not to remain in a bad marriage. She chose to work as a waitress and support her own kids in a 'women's job.' During WWII she joined Rosie the Riveter, working in an automobile plant, but quit when the men came home.

Anyway, when we married, Father Knows Best was still the ideal so it was easy to allow gender to define our roles. Besides... Frank didn't like changing diapers and i didn't want to carry out the garbage! It worked.

When the time came when it appeared my only language was baby-talk, Frank suggested i get out of the house. I did. Interacting with other adults, i discovered a whole new world of excitement. I was 'my own person' as they say. All this while, we still did many things within our classic male or female roles... keeping both of us relatively happy and relatively sane in a fast changing society.

He was the tech and all around fixer upper. I was the homemaker, cook and housekeeper.

He has been gone 4 years; tomorrow is our 54th wedding anniversary. I have learned much in the past 4+ years. That is a good thing.

This week i learned why men do a task and ask questions later... if they must!

Saturday last i purchased a TiVo and a new TV. I set up the TV - piece of cake! Sunday i tackled the TiVo. Piece of cake? Not so much!

Step 1 told me to activate my service, giving a choice of phone or online. I chose phone. WRONG CHOICE! The chick on end of line said i should talk with a technician if i'm setting up using a wireless adapter (because i no longer have a telephone landline.)

The tech gave me 45 minutes of convoluted directions, including 'take the box to a neighbor with a landline to get started...' I ignored him totally. Monday i bought a wireless adapter. I followed directions in the box.

Success with NO pain! How do those guys get their jobs, anyway?

Oh! The title? Don't Bundle Me???

I cancelled the Charter Communications DVR service AND phone service. I now have basic+ cable service and internet service. Don't let them kid you. I AM saving money by NOT bundling!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Woo-Hoo!!! I DID it!

Oh yeah! I bought this little camera from Creative Labs... Vado is the brand. The cost somewhere around $130 included camera, case, two batteries, battery charger, cord and plugs for 3 different countries... yes, U.S. included. Also a connector for viewing on television sets.

Bought it on a whim and i LOVE it! We never owned a movie camera or camcorder. Couldn't afford such things, what with six daughters to feed, clothe and educate...

Bottomline: it's another sweet little toy to entertain the ol' brain cells. I uploaded it to YouTube and Facebook, as well as here! So easy, so fun. Now i need to practice taking better movies... practice editing them, etc.

Want a kitten? These three will be old enough by August 28 at the latest. (My veterinarian says 8 weeks is the right age for babies to leave their mommy.)

Meanwhile, don'tcha just LUV technology???