Saturday, May 30, 2009

...on today's work ethic

I was in line to return reading glasses that fell apart during the second use. They were really cool glasses - very tiny and folded down for storage in a cylindrical holder with a pocket clip. This looked like the perfect solution to perpetually losing my glasses.

There were three customers on my side of the service counter... all waiting patiently. Two female associates (that's what they call clerks these days... perhaps to make them feel more important?) kept themselves busy behind the counter.

One of the associates was walking back and forth, wrestling with a big box. This store offers postal service for customers. The other one varied her time between talking to one of the waiting customers and talking on the phone... looking like a multi-tasker at her best. Her customer was also standing in the 'special services' area - part of the counter where you can mail things, buy lottery tickets, cash checks, and heaven only knows what else!

During this time there was a male associate entering and exiting a door which looks like it goes back where 'all the important people' work. He would look at the cash register and go back through the door. Meanwhile the third customer at the counter was standing near the cash register area, only on the customer's side. The guy never looked at her, or anybody for that matter, before going back through the door. Golly! He looked busy!

This scene lasted a few minutes while i'm standing next in line, waiting to be called to the counter. A line is forming behind me. Time for action.

The next time the busy male associate walked out to the register, I asked the customer across from him if she had been waited on. She said no. The fellow getting postal service commented to me that they were 'all' busy... one girl taking care of his package... the other on the phone.....

Meanwhile the 'busy' male associate handled the waiting customer's business, called me over, rang up my return information and called the next customer.

As i walked away, finally satisfied, the one gal was still struggling with the big box. Her customer was telling her how to measure it... and the other 'busy' female was still talking alternately on the phone and to the other customer.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Today is Memorial Day...

...and today i am sick... but here's me last week, along with a few of my best friends! Look at those smiles! We're having lunch at a place called Prado in San Diego. What are we smiling at? The cute waiter, of course! How else did you think i could get a pic of all four of us together, eh?