Friday, May 25, 2007

Day 1... actually Day 8 because that's when I started using the WeightWatchers point system. Seems to work pretty well most of the time & sort of keeps me in line when out and about. The most difficult part is starting out with existing recipes - counting points on some of my favorites. As this blog develops I'll share some of those with you.

Today I had a craving for corned beef hash - must be I felt a need for the grease! Decided to gratify that craving by having a smaller quantity. It was a pretty good lunch, actually. The whole thing was only 8.5 points out of my 24/day count. Not bad since I only had 18.5 left after breakfast. Here's the menu: 1/3 can (15 oz) hash - 7 pts, 1 egg - 1 pt, 1 whole wheat lite toast - .5 pt, using ~1 teaspoon I Can't Believe it's not Butter which is only 1 pt/tablespoon, so it's fairly insignificant.

That leaves me with 10 points for the rest of today, enough for chicken tenders with a nice big salad, a hot vegetable & maybe even a waffle with Smucker's sugarless orange marmalade!!! Mmmmmm!

Daily Hint: If I really crave a high point item, it's better to have a small amount than to end up depriving myself & hating the new eating habits!


Jan said...

That's a good point Mom! I agree totally about the craving and having less of it while satisfying it.

THIGSBEAR & ME said...

Hey, it's a nice surprise when someone lists your blog as a 'frequent hang-out'. Thank you.