Sunday, June 17, 2007

Day 3...

...not really but got a thing going here! Had two graduation parties, a daughter visiting from California, and a 'moving away' potluck in the past few weeks and somehow managed to lose 8 pounds anyway. Now that's not bad at all, is it? I'm giving loads of credit for this, coupled with the fact that 3 daughters & my grandson's fiance are members as well. Mostly two of the girls & i are currently very active there & that continual support, coupled with the free Sparkpeople tools, is a very very good thing. Check it out. You might like it!

I signed up for a daily motivational email that encourages the blogging portion of the program. This includes a quote & i'd like to share the quote from this morning here with you.

'There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.'
Albert Einstein, physicist

My house has a deck that spans the entire back on the second level. The first level is a 'basement' - partially exposed with windows & doors from the ground up. It is a beautiful deck.
From the deck you can see my back yard. Beyond that is a field, farmed annually by a local farmer. Beyond that is a row of trees & the river. Although i can't see it i know the river is there. Somebody recently commented as he stood on my deck - 'This is a million dollar view.'
Funny, i never really looked at it that way. I've lived here all of my adult life & i guess i just took it for granted.

Recently i've learned to enjoy & appreciate this 'million dollar' view. I've had breakfast on the deck - in the morning before excessive heat takes over the day. I've sat for a while & listened to the sounds. Yes, there is traffic driving past my house but mostly they are hardly noticeable. Across the river is a state highway, but as it goes through town traffic must slow down.

What i hear is the birds... so many birds. They love the trees my husband & i planted throughout the past 47 years. We wanted to create a wild life haven. We did.
There are bunnies & chipmunks. An occasional frog from the nearby county ditch (we refer to as the creek) visits the little pond my husband created in the garden the year before he died. I see an occasional little garden snake... helping keep the grasses insect free. They rush away when i'm around, sometimes startling me as much as i startled them.

The yard is green even in the driest of seasons because it is more than grass... it is a neatly mowed meadow. When I mow there is a smell of clover & mint... and in the closer yard - the smell of lemon balm gone wild.

Yes, i am learning to enjoy, to appreciate this miracle... the beautiful natural habitat that grew with our love... right here in my own back yard. In this day of weed killers, insecticides & the chemically perfect yard, my backyard is truly a miracle.


Nat said...

I like this! I meant to check it out earlier; sorry. Wow, 8 pounds; that's awesome! Alex and I have walked for a 1/2 hour the past two evenings and I think she'll keep me going on that one. (I hope, because I'm not sure I'd do it alone.) By the time she's ready to leave for college, hopefully I'll be in the habit of walking regularly already and won't care if I go it alone.

Good luck, Mom and I love you! =)

Jan said...

It is a million dollar view! I love you and your words!