Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I'll tell you what it is! It's a...

circular staircase -

looking from top straight down at it. Recently had the steps covered with the charcoal carpet & used gold colored strips because with the oak trim it looks better than the silver color alternative.

...and here i wanted to share my old laptop computer's current desktop. Yes, the photo is beautiful as well... took it at the State Park in Holland, MI during my last visit with #3 daughter. I LOVE the ethereal quality of the unbrellas against the warm summer sky... but that's not the reason i'm sharing.

Notice the clock & the weather stamp? I got them from Yahoo Widgets. Also have the widget toolbar but prefer letting it hide when i don't need it. The other widget i downloaded & have ready access to is the gas saver widget. It gives me a list of current gas prices in my area, so naturally i only use that one when my car is low on gas. The best part of these things - you can make them partially transparent (as mine are) or not at all... or keep them hidden until you want to see them. Check 'em out!

I learned about these little gems from the computer club where i still maintain membership. Gotta stay up to date, right?

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