Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yesterday evening... tough! She blew up at me after i told her why i closed her bedroom door, keeping her kitty out of it! Daughter 1 & i walked in the kitchen door and were overcome by a sickening 'sweetish' odor of decay and cigarettes. Her poor kitty had pooped on the floor in her bedroom because... ta dah!!! ...she closed the litter box up in the closet before leaving for work!

When i told her to clean it up... and mop the floor.... get rid of her cigarette butts and don't store them in the house... she blew up at me! It was, get this, MY fault because my cats PLAY in her litter box and she's tired of cleaning up after them!!!

i asked when she is moving... she said, '...not soon enough' but only told me ...'three weeks...' when she heard me talking on the phone, repeating when Daughter #6 asked me when. D6 and i talked until i calmed down and all went well from there.

She is all packed up. I am not encouraging her with kindness. I'm convinced she has become so pitiful after a lifetime of 'hard living.' I can't fix it. She says about 3 more weeks before the place she will move in to is renovated. (She has 2 sons who work for a landlord, remodeling between tenant changes.) We are BOTH counting the days... although not together. Talk about the Elephant in the Living Room!!!

This morning she went out to smoke and stood blowing the smoke at my kitchen window...!!!???!!

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