Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Woo-Hoo!!! I DID it!

Oh yeah! I bought this little camera from Creative Labs... Vado is the brand. The cost somewhere around $130 included camera, case, two batteries, battery charger, cord and plugs for 3 different countries... yes, U.S. included. Also a connector for viewing on television sets.

Bought it on a whim and i LOVE it! We never owned a movie camera or camcorder. Couldn't afford such things, what with six daughters to feed, clothe and educate...

Bottomline: it's another sweet little toy to entertain the ol' brain cells. I uploaded it to YouTube and Facebook, as well as here! So easy, so fun. Now i need to practice taking better movies... practice editing them, etc.

Want a kitten? These three will be old enough by August 28 at the latest. (My veterinarian says 8 weeks is the right age for babies to leave their mommy.)

Meanwhile, don'tcha just LUV technology???

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