Monday, October 12, 2009

Thank YOU, Patti!

Photo by Patti
(The guy behind me? My boyfriend!)
September 2009 - Dow Gardens

The kittens are really gone this time... at least from my house and my deck. Gotta thank Patti for that!
We walked with Leslie at her house yesterday... a great workout!!! It's so much more fun doing it with somebody, don'tcha know? Later that day i called her about something and we discussed the 'guilty thing' about just putting those kittens out to fend for theirselves. Even though they are extremely feral, they are so tiny and innocent - about 2 months old now.
She volunteered to come over and help me get the kittens permanently out of my life. Wow! Piece o' cake!!! That girl is good! With her majorly help we got them caged... and even got a bonus cat! (So be it; they've all been coming around for a free lunch!) The second kitten was preceded by the cat... not it's mother..... so what could we do?
Patti went home with two cages - two kittens and a sleek black & orange cat. Don't know if it was one of Florence's barn full of 'adoptees' or it really belonged to somebody. He's gone now... there really IS no such thing as a free lunch, kitty.
Patti's plan - take them to animal control in the morning... but she wanted to make them more comfortable in her garage for the night.
One kitten BIT her!!!
They are feral; could it be rabid? I'm praying not. Hopefully they are out of her garage now... and the responsibility of animal control.
Call me Patti.

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