Sunday, December 4, 2005

Bloggin' 'n Blogjoggin'...

...sort of like walkin' and chewin' gum!!! I guess when I'm doing one it's slower for me to get doing the other. Well then, here's making up for lost time.

One of these precious arms will be sporting a cast come Monday morning. This is Patti & David making beautiful music at David's recital November 12. Patti, ever the good mom and also a student of David's piano teacher, gratiously agreed to accompany him in a duet. David has another performance scheduled soon and is worried he might not be able to play. You see, he fell off the bleachers at school Friday afternoon and fractured his left wrist. He's right-handed so good for other school work but he really enjoys his piano!

I suggested Patti tell him about how his gramma (me) had two hairline fractures and sported TWO casts many years ago. Fresh from being an at home mom - at a new job - I was worried about not being able to type. Good ol' Dr. Stander assured me the exercise would keep my fingers limber, so I lost no time from work. Then there was OttO - who made contact with a truck while riding her bicycle and spent her first three weeks of college wearing a cast!

BTW - Happy Birthday David!!! My youngest grandchild is growing up. Seems like only yesterday James, the oldest one, was 12.

I had another doorbell experience today.. this one during the day... wide awake... reading the paper! I changed the bell to that Christmas tune, '..first day of Christmas' when I brought the newspaper in. Sat down to read the paper and it rang... doo-doo-doo-doo (insert tune here)... Nobody there, no extra footsteps in the snow, nada! My scientific part went out and checked to see if it still has the same tune... yup... tune plus a beep! at the end (like phone answer machine).. so I tested it again! No beep but it works.

Told one daughter about it and she told me some very trustworthy people, experienced and trained in such matters, said some people do receive subtle messages from the spirits of loved ones. I must admit there is a sense of comfort associated with this occurrence. Then I was telling another daughter about it... and while telling her, the bell rang again... a traditional 'ding dong' (insert tune here) and she asked me 'Are you sure?' - yes, even the cats responded when it happened!!!

Anyway, gonna have a son-in-law check the thing for shorts next time he's here. Meantime... well... since the first doorbell incident, I've heard too many other stories to be thoroughly convinced everything has to have a concrete provable explanation.
Today... perhaps I'm mostly a bit click me to get your own moody bears from OttO!


sherle said...

Okay... that was 3:30 pm - this is 7:00 pm! I got the ding-dong again and Goober looked - again! Nobody or nothing. I think it has something to do with being a wireless doorbell... ;-)

Jan said...

sorry to hear about David's break and....... I love you!

Nat said...

That's a lot of doorbell ringing today. Just curious; does this day hold any significance at all? I love you!!

Anonymous said...

Since you are close to the airport, and a wireless doorbell would not have the same kind of frequency security that something like a garage door opener might have, it could be triggered by a radio frequency from a plane or the tower.In case you are wondering why it doesn't affect other remote control item, most are infared light controlled.

Windy said...

Sounds like Kevin has a logical answer to the situation. Sorry to hear about David's wrist! I hope he's feeling better soon.
Love windy

Jan said...

I still believe in visits