Wednesday, November 30, 2005

'Tis the Season for... cupboards??? I haven't done this since the last time we remodeled and moved the kitchen (had 3 different kitchens in 3 different locations of the same house over a 45 year period). What is this madness? I need the space.

Yesterday I found a little 4-cup coffee maker... actually makes 2 mugs of coffee - just my limit and addiction first thing every morning. I forgot we even had this little thing. I put away the big one until next time we have a family gathering.

If you know me you know the husband & I traditionally left town the last weekend of April when the Walleye Festival takes place and - more important - a giant rummage sale! Traffic jams all along our two lane road because of cars parked alongside the road - yes there are that many rummage sales!

I've never done rummage sales - from either end. Husband was a junk collector - never got rid of anything and even salvaged a few things from friends and family (when I wasn't looking) that he thought he could 'fix' - whether he could use it or not.

This year I will have a rummage sale during Walleye Festival! It will take me that long to clean out 49 and 11/12 years of collecting! I'm motivated to get this done... every time I want to combat this new loneliness of mine I get busy!
Today I'm feeling click me to get your own moody bears from OttO! ... oh yes and guess what??? I found the big serving tray with cutting board that I couldn't find on Thanksgiving!!! Yeay for cleanin' out the cupboards!!!


Nat said...

You go, Mom! You're keeping busy AND you're accomplishing something big at the same time...

Love you!

P.S. I've been chosen for the jury. More later.

Jan said...

Good Job Mom! I know I find great pleasure in "downsizing" tasks. Love you!

Windy said...

It's looking pretty good! I'll bet you make lots of $$$ at your rummage sale too! Love you!

cassie-b said...

We remodeled our kitchen about 4 years ago, and that's the last real cleaning out I've done in that area. I love kitchen gagets, but rarely buy them - I don't want to be bothered finding a spot for them.

TLP said...

I've never had a garage sale or rummage sale for myself. But for years I have been in charge of our church yard sale. So much fun!

I love stuff. But when I buy something, I try to take something OUT of the house to make up for it. Don't always, but I'm pretty good about it.

sharba said...

That's a good idea! Right now I'm need to get RID of a lot of stuff to make up for years of hoarding. Mom, I learned a lesson from seeing Dad's 1/2 century of collecting!