Monday, July 10, 2006

Life is good...

...and my Bubba knows it! Look at that face. Don'tcha just gotta love it? He always blinks when I have to use the flash... darn!

Yeah I know... haven't blogged in a few days. Been busy... getting ready for another phase to finishing stuff my Frank started. Moved some plants (3 little deprived rosebushes that needed a new outlook on life anyway and some perennial geraniums to fill in the voids where I have some other perennials growing.) Trimmed out some shrubs - drastically - to give room for my carpenter friend to put up new siding in the front of my house. Moved more stuff out of the room my drywall friend is going to finish out for me. It had become a place to put stuff that I have no use for and some of Frank's stuff that I can't even identify... don't know what it is!

Here is my Monday Madness for this week. Thanks, OttO - good questions! ;-)

What is your favorite framed object in your house? ...actually, the house! It had to be 'framed in' before it was built. ;-) Just yanking your chain, OttO! I've just put together a collage of photos to remember your dad (my husband) in a really nice combo of five frames in one. I call it my 'shrine to Frank.' I liked the frames so much I bought two and gave one to my mother.

2. If you had a choice of being a carnivore or a herbivore, which one would you be, and why? I do have a choice & I'm definitely a carnivore!!! I often feel a real need for protein in the form of meat. I'm parcially herbivore however, because I actually enjoy eating veggies, but would not make a good vegetarian - because of that body craving for the taste of meat!

3. Who do you think should have won the FIFA World Cup? Or, don't you care? Had to look up this one... didn't know that was the official term for the world soccer cup. I could care less who won but obviously some people do! At one point there was a big riot during the semi-finals.

4. What's your feelings on stormy weather? We need the rain... and storms have always been a part of the earth's ecology. Without rain we could be neither carnivore nor herbivore - we would not survive! Too bad some of those storms are so violent. There is a belief that energy on earth never disappears; it just regroups. Take this how you will; I consider it a real philosophical statement. Think about it.

5. Do you believe in "time out" chairs? Seems like a good idea. In the old days we would send the kids to their room - but that wouldn't be a punishment for most kids nowadays - what with the kids having tv's, video games, telephones, computers, etc. in their rooms. I guess considering that, a 'time out' chair is a good thing!

6. Have you ever bought or sold anything on Ebay? no - but I might try it. I do have a couple of things of value to get rid of. I've read that we now have an eBay service center in my town. I think this is one where they actually sell the stuff for you and they get a commission for doing it.


Nat said...

Interesting answers... Glad I snuck over here while still at work; don't know what the day brings once I'm home! =)

Actually, about those valuables you're looking to sell; Alex and I are in the process of getting our little "ad" for the Ebay together to sell something. (This will be a first for me.) SO, if you want to wait a few days, let me know and we can figure out how to do it. I have an account, have purchased on Ebay, so I'm sure we can set something up... it's up to you!

Have a MARVELOUS Monday, Mom!! =)

Love you!

Jan said...

If otto wants to help out, take it! S sold some stuff through the third party and they get a good cut. Love ya.

sharba said...

Another benefit of a big family. . .LOTS of good advice!! We have some things to sell, but they're too big to think about shipping!(dining room furniture, major appliances, etc) Enjoyed the answers! Love ya!

Logtar said...