Monday, February 5, 2007

It's Monday...

How about a bit of Madness with Monday Madness!

OttO says, 'Thanks to all of you who suggested questions. If I haven't been to your site yet to grab them, I will be there soon! This week's questions come from karen. Great questions, Karen! =)'

1. What is your favorite main course to prepare? For me it depends on the season, the weather and what sort of mood I might be in at the time but when in doubt, you can't beat a good stirfry dish! My favorite supermarket often has frozen cocktail shrimp on sale (buy 1, get 1 free) and I like to keep frozen stirfry veggies on hand, so it's quick and easy. Start cooking rice and while it's cooking, pull tails off the shrimp, combine soy sauce with a few favorite spices in a wok or big frypan... toss in the veggies, cook a few minutes, add the shrimp until heated through and serve!

2. What is your favorite side dish to prepare? Just can't miss with a simple salad with dressings on the side. Actually, for a group, I like to create a mini-salad bar with all kinds of trimmings.

3. Do you like to bake? If so, what is your favorite? Yes. My favorite bread machine recipe is Jalapeno Corn Bread. My most frequently baked item (not from a box) is probably Apple Crisp.

4. What one dish would you like to learn to cook? Hmm! Guess I'd have to think about this one awhile.

5. What is your worst cooking disaster? brown rice in the microwave. I guess I haven't mastered how to set it for 50% and in 5 minutes I not only burnt the rice but melted the Tupperware bowl!!! Would have started a fire in the oven if I hadn't noticed the odor!!!

Don't believe me? There it is... on the left. The round thing under it is the microwave turntable. Yes, I was able to clean that! I still buy brown rice... it's good for you. I buy rice in a bag.


Heart of Rachel said...

I like that stir fry rice dish. I like different types of fried rice. A mini-salad bar for friends sounds like a nice treat. Haven't tried Jalapeno Corn Bread before. Interesting.

Oh my, poor Tupperware. :)

So glad you have noticed the odor and no real harm was done.

Thanks for sharing your MM. Mine is up too.

Nat said...

Oh, oh! I make white rice in the microwave but never had that problem (yet)! =)

Good to see you playing, Mom. Stir fry is a GOOD meal!

Hope you're staying warm.

Love you!

Jan said...

Hi MOM, I guess the rice thing happened just in time for that question! Love you

sherle said...

Actually this photo was taken early last year. I still cook white rice in the microwave but the brown rice goes so much longer you're supposed to set it to 50% and I guess I still don't know how to do that!!! That's actually the reason it burned...