Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sometimes Joy is as Simple as...

...wearing an old pair of earrings. What? you may ask.

Sometime between retirement in 1986 and now, i stopped wearing earrings. It had become painful when i wanted to wear them, so i stopped entirely. The piercings closed up.

Occasionally i wanted to wear them, but couldn't. This spring, while visiting at Pam's home, i began thinking seriously about having my ears pierced again. Patti and Pam were willing to take me to Claire's at the mall, but i guess i wasn't quite ready.

Six plus weeks ago, Pam and i went shopping in Grand Rapids. First, i rediscovered the 'joy of shopping' and second, i had my ears pierced.

My first time Frank's mother pierced them with a sharp needle, some alcohol and an ice cube! This time was high tech! I enjoyed wearing the new pink earrings for six weeks but last night i pulled out my old ones... and decided to change.

Today i'm wearing some little gold starfish, a gift from Patti many years ago! I love them!

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