Sunday, October 23, 2005

Daisy Mae was missing this morning...

when I woke up she was nowhere to be seen. I called her; she didn't come. She is usually either sleeping on a rug in the bathroom or on her tower. Why should I worry so for a cat? I don't know but I certainly was relieved when she meandered into the room after I had my breakfast!

I had to cancel my Sprint cellphone service today. The phone was messed up after a power outage on Friday. I was charging the phone at the time... the outage was erratically off and on for a very short time but that's all it took.

I've been looking at changing over to something less expensive anyway since I hardly ever use the cell but it sure gives me a feeling of security when out and about. I've been reading about prepaid cell phone service at CNet and so far it looks like Sprint's 'sister company' Virgin Mobile offers me what I want.

Hopefully I can quit carrying my little electric heater around with me tomorrow. The crew is scheduled to arrive at 8:00 or 8:30 a.m. to install the new boiler for my heating system. It's a Lennox so it's got to be good, right?

Now for a bit of Monday Madness...
1. diamonds or pearls? I wear a diamond ring but am really a simple daisies and costume jewelry sort of woman.
2. paperback or hardcover books? Paperback - easier to share instead of accumulating.
3. carpet or hardwood floors? Carpet!!! I've had both and carpet is easier.
4. dogs or cats? Cats! I like dogs too but cats are easier to care for.
5. fluffy or firm pillow? Firmly fluffy???
6. fine point or medium point pens? Fine point.
7. clocks a little fast or on time? I try for on time.
8. mahjong or spider solitaire (or other)? Spider!
9. wall calendar or desk calendar? Both plus my Yahoo calendar.
10. 'Survivor' or 'The Amazing Race?' Survivor!!!


Nat said...

I'm glad Daisy Mae is ok. Wonder why she wasn't coming around.

You're 2nd this week! Woo Hoo! =)

I hope you have heat...

Jan said...

I hope you have heat too! Mom, I dropped my phone in the jacuzzi and it doesn't work (imagine that) so we went to the sprint store and traded ours in for newer ones; i believe if you've had it two years you can do that; did you ask the sales rep about that? love yaZ!

Johnny said...

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