Monday, October 17, 2005

View from my window...

Hello Moon!

Am I really seeing the actual variations on the moon - the plateaus and valleys? I took this photo last night while watching television. I would have shown Frank the picture and asked him that question. He would have had an answer.

No I am not sad just... empty, sort of. I told my friend Mary that I did all my crying the first day... and the screaming. Now I am, if not content, at least reconciled to my new phase of life. Mary said perhaps I feel this way because Frank & I had such a close and positive relationship... not that we were always happy, but because we were good friends.

Now for a bit of Monday Madness

Which one?
1. Lemonade or Iced Tea? Iced Tea - Bigelow green tea with lemon or mint are my favorites, but I like an occasional Crystal Light Lemondade, yellow or pink!

2. DVD or VHS? Sadly... I don't yet know how to use either my DVD player or the VCR!!!

3. Gold or Silver? I like silver but it tarnishes. My wedding ring is white gold.

4. Baseball or Tennis? I understand the rules of baseball & played in the street as a kid, so I guess baseball is my answer. The sound of a baseball game being broadcast on the radio makes me nostalgic.

5. Spring or Autumn? Spring brings rebirth and freshens the earth... Spring!!!

6. Diet or Regular? Diet... I've grown to prefer the taste. Sugar is too sweet.

7. Hearts or Stars? Doodling, I tend to draw stars more than hearts.

8. Snail Mail or Email? I like the nowness of email!!! Being a procrastinator, snail mail just doesn't happen with me.

9. Shop: Online or In-Store? I don't like shopping but in-store works best for me. I like to really SEE what I'm buying.

10. Credit Card or Check? Credit card - I only use credit cards that give me money back and always pay them off each month. If I can't afford to do that, I don't buy it. The exception is the offer 1 year same as cash or whatever time period. In that case, if I can afford it, I figure out how much my monthly payments are and have it paid off in the timeframe allowed. Why? ...because I was a credit card junky when my kids were very small! I will not let myself go there again.


sherle said...

Did I mention that I took that moon photo through my window in the ceiling? Maybe those variations are just my dirty window!!! ;-)

Jan said...

beautiful moon photo! enjoyed reading your answers to MM also - love you Mom!

Nat said...

That is an AWESOME picture, Mom! I think those variations are real. Dad would have agreed that that picture is a perfect photo!! =)

Windy said...

That picture is very cool! Great job! Love you