Friday, February 24, 2006

Blogger Doldrums...

...also known as February. I noticed several of my favorite blogs are not updating as often lately. After a while we kind of quit checking them when we find they are still not updated. So why is THIS blog not updated more often?

One example - I started blogging here about a half hour ago... went over to the kitchen for something... distracted myself when I saw at least 10 lady bugs (aka Asian beetles) climbing the window! For some reason the infestation came late this season. They usually begin in November/December when weather just begins to get cold. Okay... call me evil - I started squishing them.

Something happened and I tipped my big aloe plant that sits in the window so had to catch it. There was soil all over, including in the sink. Had to clean it up and then take care of the aloe. Decided to move the other plants in the window... squished more bugs... they kept coming in - from where? I'm not sure; maybe the crack where the windows come together? I think they are just hatching. Some of them are smaller than other infestations so I think maybe they're mutating from chemical attempts to get rid of them. Cleaned up the mess created by dead bugs.

Opened blinds in the family room next to the kitchen... this to provide morning light on the geraniums in that window. They get light from ceiling windows but this is just so close and friendly to the plants. Looking forward to putting them outdoors in another couple of months. The snow WILL end.... I know it will. Now where was I? Oh yeah.... notice many lady bugs in that window (really a patio door) and the one adjacent to it... so I squished 'em!!!

So why am I blogging less? I guess you might call it distractions. When I'm not distracted by the doorbell or a phone ringing, I just distract myself. Hmmmmmmmm! Could that be why I still seem to be wrapped up in paper work? Where does it all come from? It wasn't like this when I had somebody to share the work... even though I did the paper work even then.

Okay, so what's your excuse?

Addendum: Did you know there's a Wednesday photo meme? Check it out at: I liked the theme for this week and had a photo to fit it so you can see the picture of my lazy Bubba here. Talk about distractions! That photo was one of my Favorite 5 Photos for February... so now I have to find another one! Have you chosen your own Favorite 5 yet?


bryn said...

oh oh...don't tell shirl or the 3rd daughter that you're squishing lady bugs

cas said...

I think February is just a month to get through. I vowed years ago to never make a life decision in February. It would most certainly be a wrong decision.

But - spring is coming. I just know it.
Have a good weekend.

Jan said...

Hi MOm, that's a good topic for blogging .... I'll get on it by tomorrow for sure. Love you bunches the BUG - don't squish me

sherle said...

Did I forget to mention that these Asian beetles actually bite if they land on you... and with so many you're almost certain to get bitten! --- For Shirl & 3rd Daughter, this settles for self defense, doesn't it? ;-)

sharba said...

Fortunately, Feb is short and ZIPS by! Actually, they all seem to zip by these days! See ya soon! Love ya!

Shirl said...

ahem. You squished WHAT?????????

Jury is still out as to the self-defense motion. *smile*

Glad to see you back, Sherle!

Nat said...

I'd squish them too! I'm going to have my fave five up by tonight; promise! I really need to start taking more pictures...

February's almost over and spring is near!! =)

Love you, Mom!