Monday, February 13, 2006

Is it spring yet?

Feeling better each day... not feeling great but better is good! Sleeping at the darkside of days and awake in the light... and that is good too.

The pain is only a little bit - and not all the time. I guess those meds work!

Another good thing - the grief counselor. Who'da thunk it? I find myself actually looking forward to these meetings.

Seeing family - and friends again. Deciding what's important - and what's not. Getting caught up on things I usually do - and things that need doing.

No sherle, it is not spring yet - but the days are getting longer!

Okay... for a bit of Monday Madness. I answered this set of questions earlier today - before Natalie gave me a sweet little valentine gift.
1. What is the best (and worst) Valentines gift you have ever received? The husband & I typically didn't celebrate Valentine's Day with gifts... sometimes we'd have a special dinner or dessert.

2. What is the best (and worst) Valentines gift you have ever given? I used to make a heart-shaped cake for V Day when the kids were small. Hmmm.... what ever happened to those cake pans?

3. In the past, have you ever sent or received an anonymous Valentines Card? If so, do you now know who sent you the card? And if you've sent one, does the person you sent a card to know it was from you? Not really - I've always thought of Valentine's day as a kid's thing - bringing valentines to all the kids in school.

4. Have you ever sent an anonymous Valentines and got together with that person afterwards? no

5. Do you make special plans for Valentines, or is it just another commercial plan to make people spend money? I think it's fun for kids - I used to spend time with my kids preparing their valentines for the big day.

6. Do you buy, or make, traditional gifts, like red roses and chocolates, or do you like to be different? no but I DID bake a pie today.

7. Do you think you are with that special someone, are you waiting for that special someone, or is there 'the one that got away'? He died on August 29 2005... so I guess you could say he 'got away.'


Nat said...

Have you checked Windy's cupboards for those cake pans??? *snicker, snicker*

Some say Valentine's Day is for ol' fools (or something like that)... On my way home today, right down the road, there was a beautiful brand new Mustang parked in someone's yard with red ribbons and bows and big red hearts all over it. I thought that was pretty cool. I'm guessing it must be more than just Valentine's Day to that couple.

Love you, Mom!

Jan said...

all these years I thought that heart shaped cake was for my birthday - the memory is an interesting thing, isn't it?

sherle said...

omigosh! Jan - I think I originally bought those pans for Valentine's Day and then decided to use them for your birthday on February 10th!!! Memory sometimes is a community effort huh?
Nat - Ah now I remember - I gave those pans to Windy when I found them in the cupboard one year and realized I wasn't using them anymore.