Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Call me morbid but...

..I just had to share this composite picture with you!
Click on it for a better view of this... 3 pictures in 1.
The background photo was taken during a walk on a trail in Byron Center, MI the weekend before I broke my foot. It is actually a photo of the under side of an overpass between the golf course side and the residential side of the trail. Used a bit of PhotoShop Elements magic to define it a bit.

The photo on the dark side was altered via PhotoShop Elements. The original photo can be found here at sherle's photos.

Photo on the light side - taken by yours truly actually IS yours truly. No, that thing on the right (remember this is a mirror image) is not a pegleg - it is really the boot on my right foot. I took this photo a couple of days ago... with the resulting composite in mind. The composition is therapeutic for me... I hope it is for my family as well.

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Jan said...

You're not morbid at all! Clever! and many other adjectives. i love you Mom

Nat said...

I'm not getting why you think this is morbid. I'm still trying to figure out how you put this all together... It's very creative! Talk to you soon! =)

Logtar said...

Very artsi :)