Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Was watching this little rodent the other day...

squirrel with nut ...and I'm not sure but I'll bet there's a nest somewhere in my yard, quite possibly in this Maple tree outside my kitchen window.

Been keeping pretty busy considering I can't drive myself anywhere yet. The broken foot looks fairly normal now; will learn more about it after I see the doctor tomorrow.

Went to David's school play last Friday evening. It was great! The kid is a natural. He played the lead in 'Return of the Bard.' His memory is phenomenal; he projects well and seems perfectly at ease on stage.

Got some shopping done the next day - in one of those little motorized carts. Speaking of shopping, that was the Monday Madness topic this week. Here are my answers:

Do you like to shop? no

IF NO, answer the following:

1. Even though you don't like to shop, where do you find yourself shopping most often? Meijer's - our one-stop shopping store. Occasionally WalMart will do.

2. Do you try to send someone else to shop for you? if so, who and why that person? I used to sometimes write a grocery list for my husband so I wouldn't have to go... but then I found it was better to shop with him so he wouldn't bring home as much 'extra' stuff.

3. do you think shopping online is as annoying as shopping in stores? Yes - overall I'd rather shop at a local store because if something doesn't fit, I can just take it back next time I'm in town. If you have to send back an item purchased online it can be rather costly. I hate paying for something and getting nothing.

4. Does anyone close to you encourage you to go shopping with her (or him)? if so, do you feel tortured and go or just say no? No but if they did I'd probably 'just say no.' An exception, I shopped with a daughter & her husband because I can't drive with my broken foot. It was kind of fun - but took a long time.

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Jan said...

the squirrel says," what? It's MY nut!"

Hang in there about the ankle, follow the docs orders; this too will pass. i love you MOM!