Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

Last year I did not feed the birds in my backyard. Fortunately my neighbors had just built their new home next door and Jack feeds the birds faithfully. I think I was overwhelmed with my new position in life... and afraid to use the deck stairs in wintery snowy conditions. Earlier this year, when I was down with the 'creeeping crud' - I even considered giving all my bird seed to Jack!

Well Friday I finished Christmas shopping and while in town I bought four new feeders. Yesterday I loaded them up - moved my other 'shepherd's hook' from the garden and placed it with the other. Less than two hours later Mr. Squirrel arrived. He looked up and left... I guess he didn't figure he could get up there easily. He was pretty plump so I think he has easier targets in the neighborhood. Shortly after he left the chickadees began stopping in!

This morning - loads of birds!!! What a beautiful surprise on Christmas morning!
Merry Christmas!


Jan said...

yeah for the birds!!!!!!!!!! A christmas gift that gives back; that's the way to go. Love you MOM!

Nat said...

Merry Christmas again, Mom! AND Jan and S!!! Love you all! That's a wonderful thing, seeing those birdies there. Glad you did that.

See you soon!!

Jan, call me! =)

bryn said...

Merry holidays to you

Heart of Rachel said...

Hope you had a beautiful Christmas celebration with your family.

Wishing you a promising and exciting New Year ahead.

Take care,

cassie-b said...

And a Happy New Year!
I'm sure the birds will have a happier new year.