Wednesday, December 17, 2008

...and what IS 'organic food' anyway?

This question was in my SparkPeople email today... suggesting ideas for blogging about healthy lifestyle.

Do you think organic foods are healthier?

Good question. If you're talking about vegetables, the most important thing to make these foods healthier is washing them well before eating. i believe organically grown means no use of pesticides. Pesticides do not enter the vegetable; they kill insects that invade it while it is growing. i would much rather have an apple that i have to wash than bite into a nice juicy.... WORM!!!

Now if you're talking about meat, i believe the best beef, chicken, or other meats are healthier to eat if they haven't been fed artificial chemicals like growth hormones and chemicals that are supposed to enhance the animal in any artificial way. Some of the best steaks i've ever tasted came from corn fed venison! Yum....

i could go on and on with this subject but sometimes shorter is better, don't you think?

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