Monday, December 15, 2008

Yesterday..... Sunday

Busy busy day for this ol' broad! Weather warmed up to the 40's so all that snow on the decks loosened up enough to be pushed away. It wasn't windy so felt pretty comfortable with a coat on.

i cleared a section on the back deck... took about 20 minutes..... then took a break. Remembered to 'cool down' those upper muscles (the ones i used in pushing all that heavy wet snow). Repeated this method until most of the deck and all the stairs were cleaned off! The stairs are no longer lethal... not until the next freezing rain or snowfall anyway.

The cool downs really paid off because today i'm feeling pretty darned good! Also, shoveling wet heavy snow qualifies for some good, productive aerobic exercise and strength building, and 20 minute sessions are something i can handle.

Did a bit more holiday decorating and helped sister move her big chair into the 'bonus room' so she can enjoy her Christmas tree. That is the new room off from our bedrooms (created during my little renovation completion project two years ago). i've been encouraging her to use the bonus room as her living room ever since she moved in with me in July.

i'm more comfortable in my old 'lived in' living room and this gives each of us our own space. You would think i'd know my own sister but we've both learned a lot about each other in the past five months. i'm thinking our mom's 'too long' stay in hospital and rehab facility was instrumental in the learning process.

Sometimes our bad times together overpowered the adjustment period because we had the added conflict of getting to know each other again... adjusting to two women in one house..... AND having a 93 year old mother fighting a physical crisis.

First of all mom won! She is back home with our brother and his wife. All three of my sisters helped mom until she could do more things for herself, thus relieving our sister-in-law, who is (in my humble opinion) a saint for having mom there. Sis#2 spent two weeks living with them... having weekends off when the other two sisters relieved her. This week is the beginning of life back to 'normal' - whatever that is.

Today i want to finish holiday decorating... just touches here and there..... and put away the containers. Planned to go shopping but the wind is horrendous and weather cooling fast. I'm staying in the house. There's a whole week left to finish my shopping and i'm sure the sales will continue and if anything, get even better.

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