Friday, December 12, 2008

Food Review - and More...

My winter cereal of choice is traditionally... hot oatmeal, usually of the instant variety. This week i decided to venture toward something new and bought Kashi GoLean Instant Hot Cereal. I love Kashi cold cereals! This hot stuff? Not so much.

The cold stuff is crunchy and crisp; the hot stuff is chewy... Hoping one of my SP daughters likes it because i really don't like to toss perfectly 'good' food in the trash.

On a totally 'nuther tangent, yesterday afternoon, my right knee suddenly began to pain me. It hurt when i put weight on it and also felt a bit numb... or stiff..... or both. (Actually it was the muscle surrounding it; my knees are totally manmade.) I called my insurance company's nurses, a free service for when you mostly want advice. Their phone was unavailable... call later. So i phoned my orthopedic surgeon's nurse.

She suggested ibuprofen, a heat pad and staying off my feet for the weekend. She suggested the pain was a result of my shopping expedition the day before. Funny thing... today it doesn't really hurt at all. Hmmmm...

A bit of history, almost 2 weeks ago while attending a baby shower in a local restaurant, as i attempted to be seated the chair literally slid away behind me and i landed with a thump on the floor in front of my sisters, assorted nieces and their friends and even dear old mom. After the obligatory, 'i'm okay...' and my jokes about 'all that padding; how can it hurt too much?' the party continued.

My lower back still hurts today. i've probably been compensating for this pain when i walk. A bit of rest and TLC seems to be helping the knee (muscles). i guess i'll live.

BigSis (that would be me) is 'the strong one.' BigSis is 'unbreakable.' The myth continues.

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