Monday, August 17, 2009

I Think I Really Like my Wii Fit.....

..but i'm not sure.

It keeps me moving - i like that.
I don't do anything that i know is unsafe for me to do... like standing on one leg, or sitting on the floor. Well, i really CAN sit on the floor; i just can't get up alone without standing on my knees (which the orthopedic surgeon said i should never do.)

The exercises are fun... i especially like the step routines, running in place and some of the balance routines. I love the Yoga but can only do some of them... because i don't want to ruin my new knees or fall on my rear! Strength routines are a great complement to the Yoga... yes i enjoy it and am pretty good at the ones my body and age allow me to do.

I don't like that i'm not losing weight - and some days it looks like i'm gaining! One day the little squeaky person tells me i'm overweight... and every once in awhile it says i'm obese! I don't believe the obese part. Yes, i'll admit i'm overweight... but to gain obesity overnight???

I don't understand why the Yoga and Strength routines tell me i have darned near perfect balance but the Balance routines call me a 'novice' or even less!!!

I'm finally getting the hang of some of the Aerobic routines, especially the more complicated version of the stepping - back & forth, sideways, etc. At first this was really difficult for me. Seemed like i could hardly ever change over to whatever the new step is in a timely fashion. Now i'm getting there.

Maybe some day i'll even be able to walk and chew gum at the same time!

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