Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trying to Update Backwards...

from 2005 when i first had to learn how to live alone. Tell you about it later. It's actually pretty easy!!! Right now i just want to share with you a pic i doctored up from the SanDiego '09 trip.
Now here's my word for today; it's a response i HAD to make after reading an article about WII Fit at SparkPeople:
Tomorrow is Day 14 for me and my little buddy... WII Fit!!! It has gotten me off my tubby rear & it makes me sweat too!!! I'm over 65 (hahahaha), have brand new knees (well, they're a few years old now) and doc will not allow me to do anything on my knees... BUT with some of the exercises i 'punt' and it's better than not at all.

I love the Yoga and Strength exercises but find that i can no longer stand on my toes... or on one leg without help... but i do the ones i'm able to do. I can feel the muscles. Am VERY GOOD at the half dozen in each of these 2 groups that i'm able to do.

The aerobics and the balance are both real challenges for me but i do them anyway. I'm not on the board all the time... you really can not run - even in place - on the board and are told not to.

i took a few days off from the thing and really missed it... just didn't make time for it. My muscles are finally beginning to stop complaining from all the twists, bends, lunges, toe-touching and assorted activities. I think the soreness is why i was not losing weight (actually gaining, according to the little WII kid)... and today actually saw a fractional downturn.
There are two things you can't take from me - my WII and my Paxil!

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