Monday, November 9, 2009

Love is Unconditional...

...but today i will carefully observe my horoscope:

November 09, 2009 Pisces
Avoid drama at all costs today -- there's no excuse for getting sucked into other people's soap operas! Things are happening all around you, and you might need to close your eyes to some extreme craziness!

Daily Extended for November 9, 2009 (Today)«
The normal routine of your day will be disrupted early on by someone who needs your help with something entertaining. Turns out, they will end up giving you some help too, although you might not understand just how to ask them for it yet. In a business negotiation, your creativity will enable you to get what you want without sacrificing any of your hard-earned resources. If you make it clear that you are not willing to compromise, you must stand behind that statement.

Daily Overview for November 9, 2009
Year of the Rat
This could be a rather unfortunate day for you. Be wary of being too calculating or secretive at work or people may turn against you. You may have trouble getting a loan today. Your family may be acting selfish and reckless, creating problems and stress for you. Try not to lose your temper or relationships could deteriorate.

Life is Good...
Ultimately we All die Alone.

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