Saturday, November 28, 2009

...THAT long since i've been here?

WOW! Well, the time was well spent. Among other events, i spent quality time with the newest family member... Logan. Here he is reading a book to his grampa Mike. Smart little tyke, eh? ...and SO perfect! Isn't he a beautiful baby? I can just hear his great-grampa Frank calling him a little round-head. Yeah, it is a term of endearment.

Hmmm... let's see. What else happened? Spent time with my mom - shopping, going out to lunch, getting our hair done... all quality time.

Went shopping with a couple of friends - Jacquie and Betty - to Frankenmuth. Can you believe... i've never shopped there before, even though we've eaten there many times over the years and visited during the ice festival in winter. Gotta go back to shop though; i really enjoyed that.

Oh! Had a cropping session here at my house with some of the girls one weekend. That was fun. Shar finished her SanDiego album... Natalie made a bunch of cards... and Linda mostly chilled out after having her eye surgery earlier that week. I determined how i will complete the album i was working on when i was still a married lady. Decided to make a transitional page and then add pages i create for my CM memory board as they change.

I was so glad to be with Linda when she had the vitrectomy... and i took her back the next day for the checkup. She is doing great... seeing a little better already and confident it will not get any worse now.

Also spent Thanksgiving with Linda... just the two of us. Everybody else had their own things going on and it was fine with me. We had a turkey roast with all the T-Day trimmings and watched a movie later. All in all, a fine day... made perfect by the fact that between Thanksgiving eve and yesterday i talked with each and all of my offspring! I love 'em all!

Today Nat, Emilio and i worked in my yard. They raked all the rest of the leaves and i cleaned up my garden a bit. We got the space under my deck cleaned up and ready for new things to happen in the springtime... yes, a very productive day!

I have my ceramic tree up in the cozy living room... and tomorrow will put up the fiber optic tree in the family living room... moving forward. All is well.

I think this is all good healthy growing. I will always miss my love but the pain is no longer the biggest part of my life. Thank you, God.

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