Monday, September 26, 2005

...and the answer is...

I planted Nasturtiums this spring. They bloom prolifically in poor soil and this soil needed help. The flowers vary in color... all orange and yellow-orange shades. My wonderful husband, in his exuberance, fertilized everything we planted... even the Nasturtiums, resulting in loads of leaves but flowers? ...not so much!

The Morning Glories I had planted here years ago were encouraged and started to intrude. Morning glories grow in various shades of blue... and they have more of a heart-shaped leaf. This photo of a Nasturtium plant was taken July 5; yesterday's photo - the Morning Glory popping through Nasturtiums leaves - was taken September 24.

What's wrong with yesterday's photo? Because of the way the Morning Glory is peeking through, it looks like it has Nasturtium leaves! Okay, so everybody isn't a horticulturist.
Thanks for stopping by. Today I'm feeling - but in a good way. See ya later. OOOOO!!! BTW, I really like the Santa answer! I didn't even notice before, but he's definitely there! ;-)


Nat said...

Another beautiful picture... I would have never guessed what was strange about the other pic.

Love you lots, Mom!

Jan said...

I had no clue that's for sure. love you Mom - see you soon