Friday, September 16, 2005

I went to Court Yesterday...

..and I decided not to go again today. It was all about that dioxin fiasco going on in my neighborhood. When it finally dawned on me that the judge said our Michigan laws protect us from having to 'opt out' of a class action in which we are 'included,' I decided I can make better use of my time elsewhere, so here I am!

It was an interesting exercise however... gosh! What a bunch of losers! The original 8 (plus or minus a couple more) showed up yesterday, all dressed in black! Not only that, their leader, a woman who fancies herself some sort of environmental savior, was there, sitting at the back of the courtroom in a CHAIR... not in one of the stiff uncomfortable 'pews' that are a part of courtrooms everywhere. Why was she there? She is neither resident nor litigant. Now tell me that the whole class action BS isn't politically motivated.

Okay, enough morbidity. Today it's raining here in our normally sunny little corner of the earth. I'm thanking God for it. Gardens and lawns need the rain. Rain means I won't need to water the garden. Should get out and feed the birds though... wow! do they ever eat a lot... and fast!

Things are going pretty well around here. I'm adjusting to a different way of life. There is something almost comforting, and final, about carrying your husband's ashes home in your arms. He is here and yet not here. I need to get going about a more permanent situation. I lean toward the idea of purchasing a niche... well actually two... one for my ashes when the day arrives, although I'm hoping my mom's gene pool keeps me going for another twenty plus years at least!

For those who don't know, a niche is sort of like a big memory wall, with individual spaces within where ashes of our loved ones are stored. Externally, we see a wall with the names of those whose 'cremains' are stored there. It is a way to honor our dead while taking a minimum of space and it is inexpensive compared to buying a space in a mausoleum and an over-priced urn for the loved one's remains. I believe a niche is a very dignified way to honor our loved ones adding finality to the dignified manner in which my friends and family said goodbye to Frank.

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sharba said...

I'm glad things are getting back to normal (a new normal). I'll blog about our kitchen progress later. We don't know "normal" around here! Love ya!