Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Another Day...

..trying to maintain 'normalcy' - New experiences change the meaning of normal
  • making my two-cups of coffee - I think I got it down.
  • Drink a cup - have breakfast with second cup - take meds - routine helps me remember the meds.
  • paper work, paper work... tomorrow I'd better take care of those bills that accumulated during the past week.
  • Lunch at noon whether I'm hungry or not... otherwise I might forget.
  • in between paper work (& phone work I might add) - water the flowers, feed the birds, don't forget the cats - what goes in and what comes out!
  • funeral home tonight - yup! Second one in less than a week! Harder for Windy than for me... Otto & Foggy, along with their husbands met there to pray with Windy for her husband's father.
  • Back home - realization I had not eaten dinner and it's kind of late for dinner anyway. Hmmmm! Okay, I had a big ol' dish of ice cream - tin roof! and then I discovered there were brownies left - from a new neighbor I just met when she dropped off a dish of homemade cole slaw AND the brownies last week! I only ate two.

Don't point that finger at me!!! I told you... it was my dinner! Highlights of the day? Actually talked with five of my fabulous six today!!! They say I'm strong... well, why not? I've got a great support system! Today I'm feeling blessed.

Oh yeah! Did I tell you about my new experience? I pumped my own gas! Okay, so Frank spoiled me. I told the young lady working there I didn't know how to get my gas and she came out and gave me a lesson... from credit card to full tank... and she did a great job. WoW!!! my little Ford Ranger went from empty to full for $45!!! Talk about sticker shock. I bought the gas today because the little red reminder light went on... and gas had gone down in price from $3.299 yesterday to $2.889 today.


Shirl said...

What beautiful posts, Sherle. May God bless you and your family in this transition time.

Logtar said...

Death sucks, dealt with some this year, coworked commited suicide and 2 friends (motorcycle riders) dies in 2 separate incidents. Glad you are doing ok.

Jan said...

Mom, You are wonderful and I love you!