Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Ginger-Lemon Tea... like a dream! Tonight I tried the chamomile-mint. It's smooth. I like it even better than Plantation Mint or green tea with mint!

This morning I attended a wonderful little piano recital... a real treat. Good job, Patti & David... and thanks for the nice lunch afterward. This afternoon I gathered up leaves for a couple of hours. I don't have an aching shoulder anymore... now both of them ache. A couple of Tylenol, along with that chamomile-mint tea, should guarantee another good night's sleep.

...speaking of which, tonight I'm feeling and now it's raining, so I don't have to worry about any embers left from my day's leaf burning session!


Nat said...

I hope you don't have 2 aching shoulders anymore! Love you!

Jan said...

hot tub, relaxation and stretching exercises may work like a dream also for the shoulders. love you Mom