Sunday, November 27, 2005


It's what was supper today! It was only meat & broth yesterday because I was saving it for today! To answer your question Jan, it is delicious. There are two more meal-sized servings & one lunch-size... some of which is going in the freezer for another day. Ya' can only eat so much turkey stuff in a row, don'tcha know?

Yesterday I had my last 'Turkey-Day dinner' for awhile... and froze the rest into individual meals... five more to be exact! They're big ones too - ya' might call 'em 'hungry woman' meals. They'll come in handy some day when I have a busy day and not really much time to cook.

Today I kept myself busy clearing out the cupboards over the island between my kitchen and dining areas. These cupboards have glass doors and I've decided to get rid of any dishes I absolutely NEVER use... and put those I use most often in this cupboard. Makes sense to me - from kitchen (dishwasher) to cupboard to dining table!

The weather is warming up & most of our snow accumulation is melted again. Tomorrow I'll shovel up the rest of my leaves and move them to a mulching area... that is if it doesn't rain! I got some of them raked between windstorms and snowfall but there are several piles that accumulated during the last windy days. Now they're wet so it should be easy to move.

Then there's some paperwork to finish up - in case I get rained in...
Perhaps today I'm feeling click me to get your own moody bears from OttO!


Windy said...

That soup looks good enough to eat! I just read all your previous posts and the comment left on mine. Dave did not get a deer this year, but that's ok. We had a good weekend. I really enjoyed dinner on Thursday! I'll see you soon. Love, windy

Windy said...

Glad I came back, but I did think it was kind of a cool post, just a picture of soup! Enjoy your Monday!

Nat said...

YUM! Looks de-lish!! =)

Jan said...

sounds like you're quite busy Mom! Love ya bunches.