Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Last night my doorbell rang.

Nothing strange about that - right? Wrong! It was dark outside... the motion activated light did not turn on so I couldn't see anybody out there, if indeed there was somebody out there. No vehicle in the driveway... and... oh yeah..... the melody was not the one that is supposed to ring! Get this. It played a Christmas song!

Was I scared? No, I phoned my next door neighbor. Her husband has a big gun! I told her she is now on my speed-dial! She said okay. Oh! That's right! I have a big gun too!

Yup! This really happened. This morning I checked my doorbell. It still played the same tune I had it set for... not the Christmas song. Now for the strange part.... just supposition.

Last week I told Windy I wasn't sure there is life after death. She asked why and I responded that if there was, her dad would have let me know. She asked how he would do that and I said I wasn't sure but I know he would let me know.

The Christmas song? 'On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...'
Draw your own conclusions.


sherle said...

Yes I DO have bats - in the attic, not the belfry. There was also a stray cat around yesterday. HOWEVER... when you touch the tiny button to play a different tune, it actually CHANGES the tune to the new one! I know because I changed the tune today. So I guess it wasn't a bug, bat or cat that dingled my bell last night! ;-)

Nat said...

I had a similar thought last night as I was replaying our conversation in my head; you never know... I'm glad you're safe, and I'm glad you have neighbors 10 feet away. Love you!

Jan said...

I wouldn't be afraid; I'd hang on to the visiting thought. Let him in your dreams-