Thursday, March 2, 2006

Ha-ha-ha!!! Did you see what I said yesterday?

Here I am today - grounded again! See the blurriness? That's NOT the camera - that is SNOW! I took this picture this morning. The road is somewhere in the middle of the photo and my driveway is the lower portion. Last night at bedtime I heard clatter on the ceiling windows in my living room; the clatter of icy little beads hitting glass. What a perfect base for the snow to follow.

I had an appointment this morning... couldn't even see the road AFTER the snowplow went by, so I phoned and postponed the appointment. Bummer! Things like that shouldn't happen to procrastinators like me. The guy I talked to said he came to work from the south and had to drive to work through 10 inches of snow! The woman I talked to said she lives right there in the city but the roads were icy!

Given a new lease on the day, here is a little job that should have been priority today. All of that wood is trim that Windy's hubby will install for me in that room where the trim is situated. That room will be my master bedroom, complete with exercise equipment and a computer when it's done. Meanwhile, the wood leaning against the wall has been given a second coat of Minwax Wood-Sheen, a rubbing oil stain and finish. The wood on the table should have been my project for today. All it needs is a second coat and I'll be ready for Dave! I really AM looking forward to completion of this job so I can get on with the next step.

Frank and I were remodeling this part of the house and I'm looking forward to seeing it done. No, I don't expect my talented and busy sons-in-law to do it... I will hire somebody to do it if I have to get a job as a WalMart greeter to pay for the job.

Well then, here it is - time for my afternoon post-shingles medication; what did I do all day? Lots of blogging, I guess.

  • After cancelling my appointment I had to get out the camera. Took lots of photos. You can't take just one, don'tcha know?
  • I read something in the news this morning about the alleged dioxin problem in my town and had to respond to it at TRVoice.
  • Fiddled around with the photos on my computer, played with PhotoShop - lightening the snow to look like it really looks and wanted to frame a few photos.
  • Posted a photo on sherle's photos - this one met Lady Starlight's photo challenge at Foto Pherrets.
  • Blogged here on Grumbleeze.
Gotta go. It's not snowing at the moment and the sun is shining. I need to clean snow off my deck so it won't get all choppy and nasty when I have to walk on it! It's much safer to clean it off first. If it turns out to be slippery under all that snow I might just change my mind. See ya!


Shirl said...

hehehehe. Well, we DO live in Michigan!!!!

Nat said...

I've been taking more photos too. Thanks for the inspiration, Mom. That IS a beautiful photo; too bad the roads get so nasty to drive on. Happy Sunday! =)