Saturday, March 11, 2006

I'm 39... case you're wondering. Every day I get online and ready to blog... then I distract myself with one thing or another... online or off. There's always something that needs doing. Been getting caught up on things outside of home... things that icy roads and nasty weather caused me to postpone.

I AM, however, taking photos every day... yes I am! Gonna be all ready for Favorite 5 Photos - the March choices. If you didn't see them yet here are my five for February.

Well, see ya later... It's gonna be a busy week... and I'm not getting any younger.
Today I'm feeling click me to get your own moody bears from OttO! Yes... the weather is jacket-y instead of many layers-y and got a river in my backyard again. Guess I'll go fishin' & catch a few dioxin laden fish for supper.


Nat said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!! Love you! =)

cassie-b said...

Is today your birthday?

Happy Birthday! and a happy year.

Windy said...

Hi Mom!
Just wanted to give you a web birthday wish! Love you!