Saturday, January 28, 2006

I hate living alone...

...Today i feel like the crap i siphoned out of the fish tank Thursday! Matter of fact i felt like this yesterday and the day before yesterday... and the beginning of the week. Ten days ago my fat rearend landed on the tile (over cement) floor downstairs as i scooted Frank's office chair around in my zeal to clean off his desk. The first two days it didn't hurt!!! Ever since then it hasn't stopped hurting. Why? who knows? who cares?

Last week i shoveled snow - 3 days after the fall! This week i picked up my new glasses & contact lenses at the eye doctor's office. He told me my next lens might very well be a custom-built lens replacement for the cateract surgery I will most certainly need... and now it's looking more like sooner instead of later. He said the good news is i will probably see better than i do now with the astigmatisms that are getting worse. I even had a difficult time getting TO the eye doctor because the bridge in BC that i always use is closed - like for a really LONG time! Thanks to son-in-law Richard and the magic of cell phone, I got there!

Yesterday I missed out on a trip to the Frankenmuth Ice Festival... because of my pain. Thanks to son-in-law Emilio i decided to reschedule my appointment with my NEW doctor... I can get in Monday. Glad i did... id on't think i could make it through another 10 days of this pain... and the itching! Did i mention my skin broke out from the cream i put on to RELIEVE some of the itching? The good news is the nausea might cause a little weight loss - which i certainly could handle!

Tylenol every six hours doesn't even help anymore. Last night I finally got up and slept in my chair after taking more Tylenol. Seems i slept better in that position! Now who do i sound like? Frank slept in a chair his last decade or so of life.

Why am i blogging about this? Because i certainly don't want to phone each & every one of my kids and whine about my ills... some know and some don't and i can't keep it straight who does and who doesn't... so i'll share it with the world instead.

  • The fish tank was so dirty it still isn't clean...
  • I need to get my newspapers today... if i'm right, there should be 3 days worth out there in the box across the road...
  • Bubba decided to squat and pee in FRONT of the litter box!!! Anybody want a huge cat with psychological problems?

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