Saturday, January 21, 2006

Photo memes and special themes are tugging away...

I took 140 photos today and had to show you this one first! These little paw prints were seen going down my front step this morning. Count the toes - front & back... Does the little critter have a spare one in the back pair?

What got me outdoors in the most gigunda snowstorm in mid-Michigan to date? I wanted to have enough photos in my flickr photo site to make a badge. I saw one on Ottosite first and wanted one! Found out you have to join Flickr to get one so I joined and found out that Shirl is a flickr member too.

Looked like at least 6 inches of thick heavy wet snow out there this morning, probably more. Not all the photos are snow. Took some flower photos and some really cute pics of my furry family. Then went out to shovel snow.

Shoveled half of the back deck and all the way down the stairs... then did the path in front. By then I was ready for a break, so after venturing all the way across the road to get my paper and mail first. Decided not to get the snow blower going... actually I've never done it myself but at least know how now. Didn't feel like fiddling around with a gas can and having to yank away at that line to get it started. Besides... isn't that why my little Ford Ranger is 4-wheel drive?

Feeling a bit 'off' this evening. Got out Frank's old heating pad, put it on my back and I'm watching the Saturday night movie on the Hallmark channel... a cute little murder mystery... really! It's light and not too sappy either.

BTW, could those be kitty paws? There's been a poor little grey tiger cat hanging out here lately. It bothers my furry five because they're not allowed outdoors... and Daisy Mae especially still wants to get out and wander. It's kind of tough for me because the desire is here to feed the poor thing but I'm hanging tough! Don't need to become the 'crazy ol' cat lady' now, do I?


Nat said...

How many toes on those paw prints? I suppose it could be a kitty...

140 pictures??? I'm impressed!! I didn't get out there yesterday morning but did this morning before church AND after church. It was quite beautiful both days, don't you think? I'm going to check out your flickr badge now.

Love you, Mom! =)

sherle said...

Well they weren't all snowy pictures. I took photos of flowers (in a bouquet) and the cats... dunno, just ended up with lots... and I didn't go any further than the front steps and the back doors! Call me a weeny but I didn't feel like a stroll in the snow! ;-)

Ruth said...

Wonderful pictures! I have been a widow for 19 years. A few years ago I dated a man who had retired and with his wife had moved from Michigan to Georgia. His wife had been dead a couple of years when I met his at a church conference. He told me they moved to Georgia because he "did not have to shovel sunshine." But our best family memories (and pics) with our children are tied up with the few snow storms here in the "land of cotton."