Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Potpourri - I Love a good Potpourri!

Gloomiest Day of the Year? What's that all about anyway? Something new... some say January 23, some say January 24... supposedly most depressing day of the year. Who dreams this stuff up anyway? My most depressing day of the year will probably always be August 29. A recent post by Tan Lucy Pez is all about what is probably her most depressing day of the year.

Blogging... gotta love it! You get to know some really great people that you otherwise wouldn't meet. Today I stopped by to see what's up at Ruthlace and discovered she mentioned Grumbleeze on her site. I feel truly honored. Ruth & I have lots in common. She lives in Georgia and has five daughters... she lost her husband several years ago. I didn't tell Ruth that Frank & I considered buying a place in Georgia - near Statesville - a few years back when our youngest daughter, Jan, was still living there. It's a beautiful state. We considered it because there is more weather variety than Florida but it's not as beastly cold as Michigan.

Photos: I took 140 photos last Saturday... and never left my doorstep - front or back. Yesterday I was informed of an updated version of Web Album Generator, so I downloaded it. Of course I had to try it. It is easier and better than their old version! I used 22 of my favorites from last Saturday's photo shoot and call the album Snowy Day. I uploaded it to my domain but if you don't have your own domain it's still a nice easy way to create a photo album for sharing with family and friends on a CD.

Monday Madness: Can you believe I forgot it this week? Forgive me Natalie... I made up for forgetting by using my real name, Shirley Ann and my most used alias, granni39.

Nat says 'I thought I'd ask you to use the letters in your name (first, last, middle, or other) to list words that describe you!'

Ready to go
Young at heart

Able to do most anything
Never afraid to try something new, but
Not if it's wrong

Ripe??? more like over-ripe!
39 years old in my own mind
9 times a lady

Today I guess I'm a bit click me to get your own moody bears from OttO!


Nat said...

LOVE all your answers!! You never have to make up for forgetting Monday Madness, but I sure had a great time reading this one.

I'm finally going to post my '26 Things November' since you've had yours up for a while now...

THEN, my computer is getting disconnected until my desk is painted and totally dry. (I can feel the withdrawls already.) =)


Oh yes, I am going to look at your beautiful pictures when I get done with this comment.

Shirl said...

well, that's fascinating on January 23/24 being bleak days. They have been here, but there is always hope. *smile*

Love your MM, lady!