Monday, June 19, 2006

Feast or Famine, eh?

Here I am - two days in a row!!! I didn't tell you we got my boat in the water Friday. What a relief! Thank you Sharba and Kevvy!!! Whatta team! Now I need to get over there and clean it up. It's always more fun to clean a boat after it's in the water... and wow!... it sure gets dirty just sitting in the yard covered up all winter.

Last night I spent some time choosing photos for my Favorite 5 Fotos for the month of June. Found out I had already chosen 5 for May but didn't post them. Guess that means I'll be posting May AND June later today, so don't forget to check back with me. Favorite 5 has just a few loyal participants... why don't you join us?

Now for a bit of Monday Madness. Otto says 'This week's questions come from one of our fellow players, tricia! Thank you Tricia, for your fabulous questions. Look for more from Tricia in the upcoming weeks. Thanks to everyone for playing, and have a great week! =) '

1. How many cop shows can you name? least a half dozen or more. Some cop shows lean over into just 'investigative' or legal, in which case I'd probably be able to name more.

2. Do you send text messages? no

3. If you could be on a gameshow (current or old), which one would you be on and why? Sounds pretty dorky but the one I'd probably be best at is 'Wheel of Fortune' because I've always been pretty good at filling in the blanks... and word games in general. I really don't watch any game shows currently so don't even know what's out there.

4. What are some of your favorite websites? I mostly visit a few favorite blogs and photo websites, but general websites I use are Webopedia,, Google, Anywho, Whatis, and sometimes just for fun... Blogthings.

5. What are your favorite things about the internet?
...blogging, email, pay bills, and getting general information... I guess overall, the internet is a timesaver, a moneysaver and quicks source of information and entertainment!

6. What about least favorite?
... it's addictive. I'm already hooked and when the cable is down I go nuts with restless inactivity.

7. What are some good ways to deal with a pet loss?
Pets or people - it's hard to get over such a loss. The best cure is time and a positive attitude. It doesn't hurt to do some serious grieving while you're at it... and then just get on with life. When he was alive, the husband repeatedly told me that statistically, he would die first. I should just be thankful for my own life and get on with it. I try to do this for him.

...I just love Monday Madness, don't you? Now for a bit of fun, I answered the new, improved 'redneck survey'...

You Are 30% Redneck

The wheels still turning, but the hamster's dead.
You're just fakin' bein' a redneck.

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sharba said...

We got lots of rain yesterday, so let's hope for good weather Wednesday! Already posted MM, so I gotta check out the redneck thing. I hope I'm a zero! Love ya!