Monday, June 19, 2006

Here I am... 2 posts in 1 day again...

...just wanted to tell you where to find my newest photos! I just posted my favorite photos for May, which I'd already chosen in May.... and then posted the June favorites while I was on a roll. Come on! Share yours with us too! I know you take lots of pics with your digital camera! Choose your favorite five... post them to your blog or wherever you can on the net... then go to Favorite Five Photos and leave a comment telling us where to find them! Now I'd better go clean up my boat so I can cover it before it rains again. ;-)


sharba said...

I'm on my way to look at your pics. Talk to you later about the weather. Love ya!

Nadeera said...


Cool blog.

I try to pick out the best for the month. But when I don't have time, I pick out from my archive and post (as I've done for the month of May!).

Keep clicking away on that camera!