Thursday, June 29, 2006


This creature still comes around and checks to see if he can find some bird seed even though I haven't been feeding the birds since last winter when it snowed all the time and I was afraid to fall on my rear-end and/or break my brand new knees traipsing through the snow & ice.

This week I've been getting ready to start up the feeders again. My cats really enjoy watching the birds - and the chipmunks!

Speaking of cats... just as I was beginning this post Goober took off like a shot, knocking my laptop on the floor in his haste.

After I yelled at him I noticed the cord was pulled from this computer... found it and see where the wires were exposed!!! Here I've been accusing Bubba of chewing computer cables... and looks like Goober is a culprit too! I hope Gooby's okay. He ran downstairs when the laptop hit the floor!

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