Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Finally!!! It's Raining....

...and we really really needed this kind of a rain.
Here's a pic of my boat in her new spot (at least for this season). Took this photo Monday when I went to clean it up and then cover it. Got there kind of late... shopped first..... and weather was hot! Ended up not doing the cleaning but I DID put up the cover - sort of - my version of covering it anyway.

Look at that dock. Doesn't it look like a disaster waiting to happen? Think I should have the guy who owns it straighten it up? It sure isn't like having the boat tied up at my own dock at the cottage but I still don't know if I want to sell or keep the cottage. Was gonna drive up and meet with Sharba there today but this badly needed rain happened. Oh well, maybe next week... I hope!

The good news about the cottage is - I have a couple who rents space for their travel trailer on the property and they will mow the lawn for me. It's good to have somebody there sometimes, I'm thinking.

Frank did a lot of improvements on the bigger cottage before he died and was in process of applying drywall and insulation in place of the fiberboard stuff the previous owner had put up for walls. We fixed up the smaller cottage right after purchase and it's really kind of cute - one room with a screened in porch - and actually cooler in summer than the bigger cottage! The bigger one only has one bedroom but it's the one actually facing the water and it's cute too.

I've even considered renting the two cottages for summer vacations, but it's really not that easy to get started. Even if my own family members wanted to take turns using it I'd be willing to keep the property but so far... I'm not so sure anybody likes that idea... and it does require a bit of maintenance... especially turning on water in spring and closing down in the fall. A son-in-law has volunteered to do that but, gee, it seems like I'm always taking advantage and I don't want to do that. Anyway, time is still my friend - no quick decision is the recommendation I get from professionals.

I have lots to do right here at home and SOON... so that's why I'm blogging. I just have this nasty habit of procrastination and I need to do it before I get started with the necessary stuff, so here is a photo of the lovely plant I bought for myself the day before Father's Day.

The chick in the indoor plants department told me this plant is from bulbs and you can put it out in the garden where it will come up every year. Glad I read the directions. It is a perennial in warmer time zones but not here in Michigan. It works fine as a houseplant however and it IS a joy to behold, so I'm still glad I bought it!

Enough! I really DO have lots of organizing and paperwork to take care of (again! - when will it stop?) so gotta go! Just want to share a little quote I got in my email recently...
"Each day, and the living of it, has to be a conscious creation in which
discipline and order are relieved with some play and pure foolishness."-- May
Sarton, Poet here's wishing you a bit of play and pure foolishness!


Nat said...

First of all, that is a BEAUTIFUL plant! And it will bloom all year round, too? Even if it doesn't, if it blooms part of the year, that's ok too, eh? Anyway, I like it.

So you're considering keeping the cottages? Well, there is no rush or pressure to make a decision so I'm sure you'll do what's going to work best for you... and in your own time.

We have to get out to your boat one day soon, go for a boat ride, and if you need help with anything...

Just want you to know I love you very much and I support whatever decisions you make. Your life has changed drastically all of the sudden and I think you're doing one HELL of a good job handling it.

sharba said...

The plant has opened up more since I saw it in person. It looks great! We'll try again next week for a day up north. See you soon!
Love ya!