Saturday, August 5, 2006

Darn! ...and I really could go for some ice cream!

Just got an invite to go out for an ice cream cone. Here I am in my jammies already! I guess that'll learn me, won't it? Well I really needed the shower after mowing an acre of lawn today... and hey! what's easier than putting on your jammies a bit early? Got a promise that wouldn't stop them from asking me next time.

Like my Boop? She was my desk calendar for August 4... just had to add a bit of color to the lady! This oughtta motivate me 'til the big trip this fall. Just might put her on my desk top too.

Oh! Didn't I tell you about Hawaii? A couple of my girls want to take me on vacation to Molokai. My current remodel/redecorating schedule should be complete by the time we go... and my friends next door promised to take care of my furry little family while I'm gone.

No, we're not going now... we're waiting for a bit of cold weather to hit. Will talk about it more another day. It's enough just to say I'm ready, willing, able and super-excited about it... and not gonna talk about it much until after the fact. Don't want to jinx anything.

Who knows? Travel may become a habit with this ol' gal! ;-)
Have a great weekend.


cassie-b said...

It seems like lots of things have happened to you tonight since you put on your jammies.

Have a good evening.

Jan said...

good links Mom! love you

sharba said...

aloha! Kevy did our lawn Friday, and good thing! We had rain today.
I enjoyed our phone chat yesterday! Love ya!