Friday, August 25, 2006


So I'm a bit late with Monday Madness: Otto says, 'This week's fabulous questions came in an email to me from one of our faithful participants (and my younger sister), Jan (aka Bug)! Thank you so much, Jan! =) '

1. Would you shave your head for any amount of money? If yes, how much? Yes... for one million dollars or more... but only if there were no other requirements. For instance, I would insist on wearing a wig until it grew out. ;-)

2. What "whacky" thing might you do for a large sum of money? Guess I'm really not ambitious enough (or want the money so bad) that I can think of any other than your suggestion. The shaving thing seems relatively harmless. After all, hair does grow back!

3. What do you think is a "large sum of money?" depends on if I found it... or lost it!

4. Do you watch "reality" tv shows? yes

5. If so, which do you watch and in what order do you prefer them? If not, are there any you may consider watching? Survivor is a big #ONE! Been watching it since it started. I sort of watch The Biggest Loser now and again... and after hearing about The Big Race (or whatever it's called) I watch it sometimes. Oh yeah! Then there's 'Wife Swap' or whatever it's called - where the wives switch families!!! I guess I'm becoming a reality show junky.... :-( Order of preference? 1 = Survivor; 2 = Wife Swap; 3 = Biggest Loser; 4 = Big Race.... and during summer when all is reruns I've been watching, make it #5 = Big Brother.

6. Which reality show have you thought about participating in? Why? The one I'd be best at is Wife Swap, so if they made a Mother-in-law Swap, I might do it. The one I should do is Biggest Loser.

7. Share one thing you would like to do in life but have not yet done..... think about why you haven't done it and share if you wish. well okay... I guess I should learn to swim without being terrified when I can't touch bottom!

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Nat said...

Love, love LOVE your answer to #3!! I'm not that witty...

Ok, just wanted to come by and let you know that I did read your answers and I'm going off to read your answers to this week's now.

Chin up! =)