Thursday, August 31, 2006

Good morning!

Last night I slept all night long... a first time in a really long time... and awoke refreshed. There was no kitty cajoling me for attention... no smell of urine nearby. I walked through the house and found no smell of kitty urine anywhere. I knew this was a morning in which I did not have to clean a floor to remove odors.

There are four cats in my house. They are my companions. They require no more than a full dish of food and a clean litter box. They are content.

Gotta go! I've things to do - today's project = prime some trim in the bedroom and activity room in preparation for Sharba's next working visit. That's right! By week's end those two rooms will be ready for floor covering and furniture!

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Jan said...

the brighter side, right? have fun with the visiting and projects!