Wednesday, September 27, 2006

unfinished business...

ah yes... where does the time go? don't need getting into detail but seems as though for each thing i really want to do in my home, there are several unexpected things to do. need an example?
okay here's one: i have some rooms that need touch-up painting before putting carpet down. yesterday went looking at carpet; today had a visitor and then a fellow to measure my floors. don't get me wrong!!! i enjoyed my visitor more than i would touch-up painting! i wouldn't trade the visit for anything. decided i can do the painting tomorrow - because i have somewhere to go this evening...

just got a phone call - a reminder - i have a meeting tomorrow at 1:00pm... an appointment i made several weeks ago and forgot all about it! middle of the day so - --

when will i do that painting? ...or clean house for that matter?

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