Saturday, January 17, 2009

My kids are glad i have somebody living with me...

Hahahahahaha!!!! and now...more about the on the onagain/offagain phenomenon. Yesterday sis left her cat in her bedroom with the door closed... so i left him in there all day. I never know if she did it because he hasn't used his personal litter box yet, or if she just wants him in there...???

In keeping with my new policy to 'not speak unless spoken to' (just with her!), when she got home from work she went in room, opened door & let poor kitty out. He headed for the kitchen & 'regular' catfood & 'regular' water!!! He just LOVES the 'public trough.' His food is more expensive & she gives him bottled water. No wonder she has no money!

Neighbor wanted me to ask her about an item they might have in the store where she works, so i asked her. I was cooking dinner at the time. She answered civilly as though we just always have on-going conversations. We had dinner; we had conversation; then she spent evening in her bedroom (except for occasional trips outdoors for a cigarette.) It was one of those incidents that make me feel, 'oh what the heck! Might as well let her stay here.'

I finally had a good night's sleep last night (another story) so was up before she went to work. She was on phone... i heard her say something about '...see you later' and when she looked at me, i said 'morning' and she responded. Otherwise it would have been a 'silent' encounter.

Poor kitty is shut up in bedroom again today. Will she be home at dinnertime? Will she be late? Who's cooking dinner today? Who knows? This is my life.

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