Friday, January 23, 2009

Ima Happy Camper

Update: It's working!!! Sis will move out. She is pulling together her stuff even as i speak... well, not right now, she's at work, but you know.....

Here are some facts:
i love her.
i cannot live with her.
we have not been able to communicate since the early years of her first marriage.
i am not accustomed to a screaming attmosphere so last time Sis screamed at me, using words i don't even like to READ, let alone say or hear, i phoned a daughter and let her hear it.

i needed confirmation that i am doing the right thing by getting Sis out of my life.
i hope this is not forever, but if it is, it's her loss.
i tried.... and tried... and tried.....
...... and will not try again.

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